Police Officer Sees Woman Leave Something at His Front Door….THIS is what he received

It was a regular weekday night for Chad Mueller, an officer with an IL Sheriff’s Department, his wife Dawn, a school teacher, and their two girls, when Chad noticed an elderly woman get out of her car and leave something at their front door.  Chad, a former St. Louis County police officer who has seen a number of officer-related tragedies in the past few years, wasn’t sure what to expect when he opened the door.  What he saw next was quite a surprise.  “It’s a card,” he thought. But when he opened the card, he realized it was so much more.

Inside that card was the most beautifully worded hand-written note from a neighbor his family had never met.  “I don’t know your name but I want to tell you how much I enjoy your Christmas lights….It makes doing evening dishes & clean up cheerful.”  The writer then goes on to say “…you can tell your little ones we are old & went to school with Santa, he studied hard and made good grades.”

As if the card and note weren’t sweet enough, the woman included a little something to help pay the electric for the Christmas lights. It was signed simply Cal and Gladys.

All this….from someone the Mueller family had never met.  What a beautiful gesture and way to share the Christmas spirit!  Please share this sweet holiday story of kindness and giving so that we can help inspire more Cals and Gladys’ in the world.  (Click to enlarge photo and read the beautiful message in its entirety.)Christmas Kindness for a Police Officer, Teacher and their family   Christmas Kindness for a Police Officer, Teacher and their family

Happy holidays to you and yours!

XOXO – Jenn


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