“Thankful Turkey” – Thanksgiving Day Craft

Thankful Turkey Craft for Families

Thanksgiving is almost here and what a better day than Thanksgiving Day to share all that we are thankful for? Create this “Thankful Turkey” Thanksgiving Day Craft with the kiddos then bring it out on turkey day to spark discussions about gratitude than thankfulness.  Have each family member fill out a slip of paper that reads “I’m thankful for…” and share at least one thing they are thankful for.  Then pop that piece of paper in the turkey and take turns reading them over dinner.

My family works on getting specific each year – for example, “I’m so thankful that we welcomed baby Jaeda into our lives this year.” you can even write down the year then read them again, year after year.


  • Cube Tissue Box (empty)
  • Colored card stock (for feathers, beak, snood)
  • Brown card stock
  • Glue
  • Googley eyes
  • White paper or card stock
  • Scissors


  1. Cut 4 small feathers and 4 longer feathers.  (I did this by hand – hold up to box to gauge size.)
  2. Attached feathers to the back of the box with glue.
  3. Use a pencil to outline the shape of the turkey’s body on the brown card stock.
  4. Cut out turkey and glue to front of tissue box.
  5. Glue googley eyes to turkey.
  6. Cut a small diamond shape out of yellow card stock and fold in half. Attach one side to turkey.
  7. Cut a small red “snood” for the turkey and attached next to beak.
  8.  Download and print my free printable “I am thankful for…” Thanksgiving cards. (Print using Landscape.)
  9. Cut out cards and place next to your adorable turkey craft on Thanksgiving. Ask family members to write down what they are thankful for then take turns sharing over Thanksgiving dinner.

PS: This is a new family tradition at our house!  What are your Thanksgiving traditions? Please feel free to share with a comment below!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Download this FREE Thanksgiving printable and share what you're thankful for this holiday.

Download this FREE Thanksgiving printable and share what you’re thankful for this holiday.


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