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Jenn Bare is a Mom, Chef & the Crock-Pot® Girl – the official brand ambassador for Crock-Pot® Slow Cookers.  She hosts a weekly segment for “Mom Monday” on ABC-15 in Phoenix with a goal to share fun activities and important information with moms (and dads!) everywhere. Jenn started her career as a competitive dancer & cheerleader for the NFL’s St. Louis Rams. She went on to earn a BS in Business from SIU & MBA in International Business from ASU. She then worked all over the world managing projects, sparking her love for travel, culture, food & people.

Jenn came home from traveling to have a family & founded, the #1 resource for slow cooking, building her online following to over 1.5 million. She innovates recipes daily from around the world with her favorite tool in the kitchen, the slow cooker. Jenn has a secret passion to be on “Dancing with the Stars” & “The Chew.”


  • Judy Crause says:

    I’m unable to print the caller board on your Thanksgiving bingo…I printed the players boards. This is such a cute idea and can’t wait to play it with my grandchildren… thanks.

  • Vickie LaBonte says:

    I just bought your magazine of slow cooker soups and stews as the recipes look great and I love using the crock pot in the colder months. I would like to see the nutritional value of each item and it is not included in your recipes. Are most of your recipes healthy and lower calories? I notice that you do use turkey and lower fat meats for many of your recipes. Maybe you would consider adding this information in your future publications! Thanks!

    • jennbare says:

      Thanks so much for your support and for your question, Vickie. I’ll definitely consider adding nutritional info in the future magazines. Thank you! Jenn

  • Tom Shea says:

    Wow, you’ve made very good choices in life…good for you. I’m 68 as of last December and am beginning my cooking at home gig. I need a recommendation as to which crock-pot to buy. I do not want one so small I need to cut in two any recipes, nor do I want one so big I need forklift to move it around.
    So what say you?
    Thanks, and you sure are a knock out babe!
    Old man Shea

  • florian says:

    March 6,2016: I just purchased your Slow Cooker Book..5 Ingredient Favorites. I’m not a cook and this book looks great. I have a question: on page 33 there is a picture of a Simple Breakfast Casserole which looks delicious. But it’s browned on top and around the sides and on the bottom and I didn’t think a slow cooker could do this. Did you put it in the oven at some point to get it to be so crusty? Thanks. florian

    • jennbare says:

      Hi! Thanks for purchasing my cook book. I’m glad you like it! Yes, you can easily brown a casserole in the oven after slow cooking. Just check your manufacturer’s instructions to make sure your slow cooker insert is oven-safe. I usually don’t do that step, but if I’m having company over, I might since it looks so nice. Thanks for the question and Happy Crocking! – Jenn

  • Sara unruh says:

    Do you have daily or weekly email newsletters? So need a variety of healthy dinners, not all chicken, but some! Thank you! I think this will be a lifesaver for my family!

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