Free Printable: Thanksgiving Bingo!

Play BINGO this Thanksgiving and have some family fun!

If you need a fun activity to keep the little ones busy Thanksgiving day, why not play Bingo? I created this free bing game using the Bingo Card Generator here. Note that you can create any type of Bingo that you’d like – using photos or words.  Feel free to download my free Thanksgiving Bingo below.  There are 5 different Bingo boards and a caller sheet. (print two of the caller sheets – one to mark off and one to cut into squares and draw/call out.)

Download Bingo HERE. (bingo boards will open in a new window. Print using “landscape” setting.)

Download the Caller Board (make 2 copies) HERE.

Take a look at some of the prizes we have for Thanksgiving bingo this year! I hit the “dollar spot” at Target and also grabbed some items from the toy section.  All were $5 or less.

Happy Thaksgiving!

XOXO – Jenn

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