DIY: Minion Easter Basket

How to Make a Minion Easter Basket

My daughter loves the movie Despicable Me 2 (it’s really cute!) and quite frankly, I’m glad that she’s interested in something other than fairytales, finding Prince Charming and being a princess!

This year, I’ve made her this adorable Despicable Me themed Easter basket. I can hardly wait until Easter morning to see her reaction!

Minion Easter Basket


  • Basket (forget the Easter aisle, get a basket you’ll actually use around the house. They are usually even less expensive and way more practical!)
  • Easter Grass (I used Yellow and Blue grass from Target)
  • Minion-themed items (I bought a stuffed Minion and travel cups from Anna’s Linens)
  • Yellow & blue items – ideas: Peeps, Play-Doh, lollypops
  • Chocolate Bunny  (I think it’s  a must in any basket!)
  • Despicable Me DVD
  • Other candy or non-candy items your child would like.
  • Plastic Eggs (Yellow and Blue)
  • Sharpie
  • Adhesive Googly Eyes


  1. Place Easter grass in basket. (pull apart to fluff)
  2. Arrange items around basket.
  3. Make the Minion plastic eggs:
  4. Take apart the yellow and blue eggs, and match with each other (yellow top with blue bottom and blue top with yellow bottom.)
  5. Adhere googly eyes to the yellow side of the egg (be sure to make some with only one eye like Steve, Carl and Stuart!)
  6. Using a Sharpie or other black permanent marker, trace around the googly eye(s) and draw a line to each side and connect in back. (to create the “glasses”)
  7. Draw a smile and if desired, a few strands of hair on top.
  8. Fill egg with goodies for your little one (Find my non-candy ideas here.)

minion close up

Are you making a themed basket for your child this year? I’d love to see and hear all about it! Comment below or Instagram it and tag with @jennbare #themedeasterbasket

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