Haunted Halloween Punch

Halloween is almost here and it’s one of my favorite times of the year! My little one gets creeped out easily (and hey, so do I!) so we tend to keep things a little PG around our house.  One thing we love to do is add dramatic effect wherever possible on Halloween – like when making punch!


  • Cauldron or other large bowl
  • Punch Bowl (non-glass)
  • Colander or other divider to protect punch bowl from dry ice
  • Your favorite punch
  • Dry ice
  • Gloves
  • Hot Water


  1. Put on gloves and carefully transfer dry ice to the cauldron or outside container.
  2. Pour hot water over dry ice. (it will begin to “smoke” immediately.
  3. Place colander, piece of cardboard with holes in it, or other divider over dry ice.
  4. Next, put punch bowl on top of divider.
  5. Serve punch and amaze your guests!

Note: One 5-lb. block should last about an hour. You will need to replenish ice a few times throughout the party.

Important: Do not ingest dry ice! Make sure the dry ice does not get in the punch.  (another great reason for the divider!


What’s your favorite punch? My go-to is equal parts cran-apple juice & ginger ale with orange juice concentrate or sherbet. It’s always a hit and a tasty treat.


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