Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano – Fun for the whole family

“Awesome” – that’s the word my 6 year old daughter Bali gave me when I asked her to describe the Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano in one word.  My description? Entertaining, educational, and fun for the whole family! Not only have I enjoyed seeing (and hearing) my daughter tinker around on this fantastic little instrument – I’ve had fun playing with it too!

Bali loves the Schoenhut piano

While Bali is still in the stages of perfecting her own rendition of “Maverick Drew, How Do You Do?” (an original ode to her 9 month old baby brother) she’s enjoying learning how to play favorite classics like Happy Birthday, London Bridge, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

The booklet that came with the piano is a clever accompaniment to help kids learn music notes in addition to well-known songs. It’s the perfect kid-friendly companion – colorful and bright with big print. The booklet includes a “play by color” teaching method that matches with a small removable chart for the piano keys so that kids can easily learn songs and build confidence quickly.

Baby Mav wants to play the piano!

We have had the piano for about a month now and it’s been enjoyable to see Bali’s progression. She loves to sing and dance and the piano has been a fun addition to the playroom and her musical toys. Her only complaint is that she’s not allowed to play it when baby Maverick is sleeping. 🙂 Give it a few years and I can see these two as a duo…playing the piano, singing and making up their own songs. With the quality and craftsmanship of this piano, I’m sure it will be in our household for a long time.

You can find the Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano on sale here or at your local toy store.

PS: The first thing Bali wanted to do after dance last night was play the piano. Here she is singing a song about her baby brother. Enjoy!

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