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14-Day Teatox with Lyfe Tea

Recently I completed the 14-Day Teatox by Lyfetea.  It couldn’t have come at a better time, really.  I was looking for something to jumpstart my new year workout plan and I felt that Lyfetea would be a nice accomanyment.  After a few weeks of holiday parties and family get-togethers, I was in desperate need of a reboot!

I’ll start by saying that I am in love with coffee.  I even have a fancy espresso machine at home so I can have my Americano with steamed breve (half & half) anytime.  So when I agreed to try out the Teatox I was a little apprehensive because it meant committing to drinking tea instead of coffee every morning for two weeks.  (Note that nixing the coffee wasn’t a requirement, but who wants coffee and tea in the same morning?)

Jump to day 1 of my Teatox – I followed the instructions (they are very easy, I might add) and made my morning tea.  In case you’re wondering, the Teatox comes with disposable tea bags. You just need to measure the tea into the tea bag and place in hot water to seep for a few minutes depending on how strong you like it.  The instructions said you could add a natural sweetener (like Stevia) if desired.  I felt that the sweetness of the tea was enough and didn’t add anything to mine.  The flavor was great – a nice, slightly sweet, slightly minty flavor.  I drank my tea and went about my day.

My personal experience Day 1 – I actually felt more satisfied from my morning tea than I normally do with my morning coffee.  I was shocked!  I was worried that I would miss out on the caffeine boost I get from my Americano but was happy to find out that the Teatox tea actually left me with plenty of energy through the day.

Day 1 was almost over and as I was laying in bed, my mind racing – thinking of everything I needed to do the next day – I suddenly remembered my tea. Whoops – I almost forgot about my evening Teatox! I quickly got out of bed and made my evening tea.  I was so happy I did.  The warm tea brought a sense of calm over me and I was so relaxed after that.  I was easily able to let my mind rest and get to sleep soon after finishing my tea.

The next few days were more of the same – morning energy = good.  Teatox = good. At night I noticed that I was able to relax more easily in the evenings.  My mind wasn’t going a million miles a minute when it was time to go to bed.  I was able to slow down, think clearly and put those things aside so I could just focus on relaxing.

I really felt that the Teatox was detoxifying my body and my soul.  Next time I Teatox I want to do hot yoga as well.  I think I will experience even more benefits then.

All in all, I lost 5 pounds on my 14-Day Teatox but I wasn’t really doing it to lose weight – more to “flush out the bad” and get ready for the new and all the good that will come my way in 2015.  I’m ready!

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  • carla says:

    Now that some time has passed I was wondering if you were still drinking the tea, and if not did the weight come back? Getting ready to try it and I worry once I’m done (bought the 14 day version) any weight lost will come right back. Thanks!

    • jennbare says:

      Hi Carla! I don’t think that it’s recommended to drink the tea all of the time. I usually try and do some sort of detox a few times a year. I’m planning on another TeaTox before summer. When I finished my initial TeaTox I just replaced the tea with water (increasing my normal water intake) to help me stay full. If you want to continue the TeaTox I would check with your doctor first, just to be safe! I hope this helps. xo – Jenn

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