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Jawbone Up24

I had the pleasure of attended CES this year (the huge Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas) and some of the most exciting innovations in technology have come in the form of wearable electronics.  Just the sheer number of companies in the space is an indication that this is going to be a huge market.  But what does that mean for you and me – the consumers? It means that more and more we will have access to information to help us monitor health, and if we choose, improve it.

I’ve tried several fitness trackers – from the very first FitBit, to the Nike Fuel Band and now, I’m currently wearing the Up24 by Jawbone – you can get Jawbone and other fitness trackers at any AT&T store or online here. This latest tracker to my collection is definitely my favorite (and I’ve kept using it the longest!) So why do I love it?

1 – It monitors multiple things from one device – number of steps, exercise, calories burned and not just sleep but quality of sleep.

2 – It acts as a personal coach – a nagging one. 🙂 If I’ve been sitting too long the Up24 gives me a virtual nudge in the form of a vibration around my wrist. There are also personal options one can set like a vibration to remind you to start getting ready for bed, or even a vibration to wake you up at the best possible second within a pre-determined window of time you’ve set. (UP24 monitors your sleep and knows when you are in deep sleep (REM) or in a light sleep and will wake you when you are in alight sleep within the timeframe selected.)

3 – I love the app and online tools. They are far superior to anything I’ve used before. I was introduced to the Jawbone Up24 by my personal trainer Tony of Team44 Fitness in Phoenix.  He’s even set up a virtual team that myself and other clients of Tony’s have joined.  Here, we can support one another and have accountability partners as well as give and get encouragement when needed.

The app is very visual – so at any moment one can launch the app from an iPhone or Android device and get real-time data.  The app also includes food log to help set and monitor calorie and nutrition goals – or use one of the many 3rd party apps that integrate with the Jawbone Up app to do this.

Like any technology, the fitness tracker market is evolving and offering new products with more features all the time.  I’m excited to see what the future in this area brings.  For now, though, I’m super happy with my Jawbone UP24 and it’s the one I’ve been able to stick with using the longest.

Do you wear a fitness tracker? If so which one and what do you love about it?

xo – Jenn

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