Simple Goal Setting for Kids

10 goals for kids

I loved that my daughter wanted to get in on the goal setting action this year! It’s a family tradition that my husband and I do every New Year’s Day and from now on, the kids will be involved too. (Maybe not my 1 year old yet although I did set a goal to have him walking in 6 months. 😉 )

I created this easy “fill-in-the-blank” goal setting sheet for kids.  It’s something they can easily fill out and explain on their own.  Use this to help them set goals for the year, or simply as a brainstorming exercise to get the kids thinking about what type of goals they would like to set.  Either way, make sure to include a target date to accomplish the goals so that you can more easily support them along the way.

Download the FRE Printable here: Fill-n-the-blank Goals for Kids PDF

Does your family set goals each year?

XO – Jenn

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