DIY: Rainstick

DIY Rain Stick

September is both Classical Music Month and National Piano Month so I decided to highlight some musical crafts that you can make with items you likely already have around the house.

DIY Rainstick:  A percussion instrument you can easily make at home!


Items Needed:


– Empty Shipping/Packing Tube  OR tube from a roll of wrapping paper.

– Rice or beans for sound effects

– Pretties to decorate the rain sticks.

optional: Tape to secure tube ends if needed.



– Decorate the tube as desired.

Decorate the rainstick tubes prior to assembly.

– Twist a long piece of foil and “snake” it down the tube.

– Secure foil in place with tape or by clipping in the lid of the tube.

– Gently pour rice into the tube.

Pour rice into rainstick

– Close off the remaining end of the tube.

– Turn the tube upside-down to hear the rain effects.

Have Fun!

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