Homemade Holiday Gift: Hot Cocoa Mix

Homemade Cocoa Gifts

On a recent trip to Denver to visit my sister Rachel, my family was served a special treat – Aunt Rachie’s delicious hot chocolate.  “Aunt Rachie” as the kids call her, is known for her yummy cocoa and I finally convinced her to give me the recipe!  She makes it in big batches as it stores well – perfect for dividing into cute jars or cellophane bags for holiday gifts!

Divine Hot Cocoa Mix

4 cups dry milk (sifted)
1 cup plain powdered coffee creamer
2/3 cup cocoa
1 cup sugar
4 oz package chocolate fudge pudding mix- Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.

After you make the big batch, put about 2 cups in a glass jar and layer with marshmallows, chocolate chips or crushed candy canes if desired.  Tie a decorative ribbon around it and attach a gift tag with the instructions to mix 2/3 cup with 8 oz. of hot water or milk.  This recipe will make 3-4 gifts depending on what you mix in with it.


This is another recipe that the kiddos can help with.  They will be proud to give their homemade gifts out.  When you DIY at the holidays, make extras to keep on-hand.  That way if you go somewhere last minute you can just grab a jar of this cocoa mix out of the cabinet.  (I always get a few cute holiday mugs too!)


XO – Jenn

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